The Team Behind Gurgaon Connection

As visitors to our host country India, we are all in the same Boat. Strangers in a Strange land. As the saying goes." It takes a village” to keep the Gurgaon Connection up and running. We always love to meet new people and are aware that you bring incredible talent with you to your adoptive land…we would love to have you share your talents with us!

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A quick look at our Volunteer team:

Team Leader

Peggy looks after the overall operations of GC, she overlooks, supports the "day to day functions" of the Group. This may include managing various teams, resources, endorsements, discount vendors, corporate partnerships and general group upkeep.

Vendor Relations

Nelia and Malou are responsible for coordinating vendors to periodically attend our coffee mornings. They maintain relationships with existing vendors, liaise with new vendors, discount partners and spear-head the vendor based events.


Matrei's responsibilities include ensuring we have regular parties and events across Gurgaon, from the regular coffee mornings to our famous bashes. The aim is to introduce you to the hip and happening places across Gurgaon.


Igor is responsible for approving new members, managing newcomers registrations & old member renewals on the Website, also on Yahoo Groups and Facebook. He maintains and updates Member's information time to time basis.


Crystal looks after charity donations on behalf of GC. She coordinates, appeals for various collections at our coffee mornings and researches other charity opportunities within Gurgaon Delhi NCR.. She plays an important role by helping GC identify the unique individual requirements of the selected Charities.

Newcomers Coordination

Vaishali (Vish) coordinates the orientation for New-comers. She guides the new arrivals/Members, walks them through the registration process and helps them get a Members Discount Card. She shares local information with Newcomer Expatriates so that can easily kick-start their new life in India.

Website / Publicity

Rajat looks after the Gurgaon Connection website updates, administers & coordinates with the Developers. He also looks after the upkeep of GC's Facebook and Yahoo groups account including communication of event updates, post and mailers to the fellow GC Members.

Money Matters

Cheryl takes care of the Money matters in Gurgaon Connection, handles the receipts and payments for the Group.

CSR & Fund raising

Karina helps with fund raising for the supported Charities as well as the underprivileged. She provides information & support to Companies & Corporates to help them implement their CSR responsibilities and endeavors.

Japanese Representative

Nelia is our Japanese Representative. She translates information and messages for the Japanese Members of GC and act as liaison for Japanese members.

The GC Team

Expatriates India

Peggy Bhohi

I am from Germany and came to India, New Delhi in 1999. I have been Gurgaon growing from a small village into a big city with lots of malls, offices and residential areas. I was part of Gurgaon Connection when they started in 2008 and it is amazing what all has happened till then. I love to help people and it is my mission to support every Newcomer, so that everybody feels at home in Incredible India in no time!

Delhi Expat Club

Nelia Kanakubo

I am Filipina and a Tokyo resident. Following my husband for the last twenty five years around Europe, US, China and now India it was all different and exciting journey for me. India is totally a new experience, when asked if I like India my response is always the same...."I don't like India, I love India!"

Delhi Expat Group

Cheryl Rawat

I am an Irish National and am married to an Indian and of course Incredible India is home. I have not been part of Gurgaon Connection for very long, but am very happy that I am now a member and I enjoy our Wednesday mornings together. Above all, I am very pleased that through Gurgaon Connection I have an opportunity to work together with other members to help raise money for our nominated charities.

Crystal Lunsford

My family and I arrived in Gurgaon in July 2012 from the United States. After the initial culture shock wore off and the birth of my son, Gurgaon slowly, but thankfully, started to become home. I learned that all it takes is being open and flexible to make life in Gurgaon enjoyable. Some good friends are definitely a must too! Currently, I spend most of my time with my two children, writing, and volunteering.

Igor Glavan

My name is Igor Glavan and I'm from Sweden. Me and my family have been a year in India and I joined Gurgaon Connection my first week in India. Gurgaon Connection have helped me get a great start and stay in India. Networking is easy and there is a lot of fun events. Gurgaon Connection creates life long friends, that is for sure.

Karina Yadav

I come from Estonia and have been on and off to India since 2008. Married to an Indian, Gurgaon has been our home for the past three years. Gurgaon Connection adds an international touch to otherwise traditionally rooted Indian society, making it a perfect blend for any expat. I wish a memorable stay for all expats out here!

Maitrei Haller

A Swiss national, but born and educated in Delhi, I have lived in Africa, Middle East, Australia and now made Switzerland and India my home.

I have been associated with Gurgaon Connection since 2008 and have found it to be the best platform to meet new friends and share experiences together. We are all in it together for the fun of it!

Malou Kawano

I am a Filipino who is married to a Japanese for more than 24 yrs. Have two kids who are both in college at the university of Japan. Been living in India since 2014 of April, but before moving here my family stayed for 6 1/2 yrs in Tennessee, USA. With the influenced of Ms. Nelia I joined GC, finding it as an added adventure while here in Gurgaon.

Rajat Singh

I am Rajat and I come from the U.K., I made this lovely vibrant India my home in 2008. Having lived & worked in several countries and been born to British Asian parents, I do understand the challenges & advantages behind living a life as an Expatriate. Currently I live in Gurgaon with my wife & a proud father of two kids who are 5 & 10. Remember in India - Nothing is impossible. The word actually says it itself “I'm possible!”.


Hello, I'm Vaishali (Vish) I'm from the Uk born and raised there and am a Podiatrist by occupation. I've been an expat for 15 years now and have lived in Holland, Sweden and China. I'm a mum of two kids aged 3 and 5. While living the expat lifestyle I totally understand the challenges faced when moving to a new country, therefore am looking forward to joining the GC team and helping others who arrive to India.