Getting Started

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New Comers-Getting Started

Welcome to Gurgaon!

Newcomers/ New-arrivals may contact our Newcomer's Team for any help you may require with GC Registration. The team is equipped with a pool of local information, ie. Markets, Malls, Hospitals Schools, moving Companies and the list goes-on... OR you can Register directly with Gurgaon Connection register with GC here The great thing about Gurgaon Connection is that we are not "just" a website, Facebook or an email group but a real community with real Expatriates.

Wednesday Coffee Morning (Weekly Meet-up)

We meet every Wednesday from 10:00 am. – 12:30 pm, at the Prego Restaurant at The Westin Hotel, MG Road, Gurgaon. It's an informal Chit-chat over Coffee & sumptuous Food. By making a payment to the Hotel of Rs. 500 you get access to a lavish spread of Savories, Bakery, Sweets & Drinks (all inclusive).
Kids are always welcome :)

Registration with Gurgaon Connection

1. Go to, click the Register icon on the upper right hand corner. This takes you to the Registration page.

2. Create a User Name and Password, fill out at least all questions with a Star *.

3. Hit Complete Registration on the bottom of the form.,
(You will not be able to log into the website until you complete this next step).

4. Bring your foreign passport to identify yourself Coffee Morning, where you will then be issued your membership / discount card.Presently there is no charge for issuing Membership Cards.

5. Our GC Admin team will send you an email welcoming you to the group with invitations to GC Facebook page and to ,GC Yahoo Group.
Note: You must join the Yahoo Group in order to receive information and emails from the GC.

Finito! Welcome to the GC Family

Gurgaon connection membership card

Download the Expat Newcomer's Guide Here